Developing an intervention after trauma from the science of mental imagery.


The Lóa Project aims to develop an intervention tool to improve mental health after trauma. This mental health science, multidisciplinary project brings together clinical psychologists, epidemiologists and cognitive neuroscientists from Sweden, Iceland and the UK. In collaboration with artists and technical experts, we aim to give those with trauma symptoms (intrusive memories) a digital tool that can be used from home. Regardless of trauma origin, there is a core clinical symptom – intrusive, distressing memories of the traumatic event. To address this common problem we are seeking a simple solution.

The Lóa Project is in collaboration with the SAGA Cohort of Iceland.

We are grateful for support from the Oak Foundation in our work developing a novel, globally scalable and science-based intervention after psychological trauma for refugees and others affected by trauma.


We are developing digital materials that explain trauma symptoms in an accessible way.


Our Team

  • Prof Emily A Holmes

  • Dr Beau Gamble

  • Nicole Hafner

  • Johanna Motilla Hoppe

  • Prof Unnur Anna Valdimarsdóttir

  • Prof Andri Steinþór Björnsson

  • Prof Arna Hauksdóttir

  • Dr Edda Björk Þórðardóttir

  • Kristjana Þórarinsdóttir


Team Partners

  • Dr Marie Kanstrup

  • Prof Michelle Moulds

  • Dr Kerry Young

  • Kate Howlett-Jones

  • Maryam Mohammadi

  • Katy Metcalf


Contact Us

Emotional Mental Imagery Lab (EMIL)
Department of Psychology

Uppsala Universitet
Postal Box 1225, 751 42 Uppsala


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